Dinghy Park Security

Very occasionally we have trouble with vandals interfering with the boats that are left in the dinghy park. The club has already installed lighting and CCTV is now installed as deterrents. We are also grateful to the water bailiffs for keeping a watch out for unusual or suspicious behaviour in the area.

However it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that their boat is locked and tied securely to a barrier or other substantial weight. A handful of concrete with chain set in put in a hole in the ground makes a good second securing point. Some members have ingenious methods which are worth noting. Both boat and trolley should be secured as boats have been lifted from locked trolleys.

Road trailers must NEVER be left in the dinghy park.

Thank you in anticipation for your co operation and hopefully we will be left alone by unwanted visitors for the rest of the season.

Margaret Pell – berthing officer