Sailing Re-opens

The Club will open for sailing on Sunday 19 July and there will be sailing on Sundays and Tuesdays from then on.   Initially there are a number of restrictions so please read the critical information for all members that must be read before you come to the Club.  We hope to move quickly to racing and the hiring out of Club boats but we need a little time to settle into the new system.  I will provide an update in due course. 

If you intend to sail you must book a slot through the website.  There are morning and afternoon sessions on Sundays and we are limited to six boats for each session at the moment.  If you have forgotten your password please contact Pat Jones (via email or via the website contact form). We have to keep a record of all those attending the Club for 21 days to help with track and tracing. 

The person on duty will have a key to the barrier that closes off vehicle access to the Lake.  The barrier will be open to Club members between 10 and 1030 and 1230 to 1300. Finally for the afternoon the gate will be opened from 4 to 4:30pm.  Of course if everyone wants to leave earlier this can be done.  

Please read the instructions and make sure you have joined before sailing. There is an upper wind limit for sailing of 15 knots but it looks okay for the first two sailing days. 


The club is currently closed due to the government lockdown and Longleat estate have closed off and blocked all vehicle access to the clubhouse, dinghy park and lakeside.
Activities will resume when restrictions are lifted.


So with this lovely ‘Spring like’ weather it is that time of year I start to nag everyone for their time to do duties OOD or Safety Boat.

We have divided the year up into three monthly periods.

This means that everyone must do at least one of the duties in this time period.

At present there is no Safety boat crew for the first day of sailing and no OOD for the second weekend sailing.

I hope these can be filled, as this isn’t looking good for the rest of the season if I have to start nagging the first weekend.

Please email me with your dates asap and if anyone can fill the above positions I would be very grateful

Many thanks see you out on the water