Sailing Possible Again

We can now sail only on race and organised event days (Tuesday evening and Sundays) when we have formally risk assessed the level of Blue-green Algae. No casual sailing is permitted until further notice. Sailing is therefore on this Sunday subject to the inspection by the OOD (see below). Everyone who sails, or their parent or guardian if a child, needs to read the RYA_Blue_Green_Algae_Guidance and sign the SSC Blue Green Algae consent and risk statement before going on the water. Once in a sailing year is sufficient.

If you are down for a duty during this ‘algae period’ please firstly double check that there is sailing on, and secondly if it isn’t, could you find another vacant date to fill and let the Duties Officer (Juley Simmonds) know.

The hose pipe which is in a box on the rear of the clubhouse is available. Sailors should wash off any potential contamination (hands / gloves, boots, legs etc.) on leaving the water and before entering the clubhouse. Anyone who falls in should take a full shower including their sailing clothing.

Boats and trolleys should always be thoroughly washed before being taken away from the club in accordance with the RYA Check, Clean, Dry Policy Apart from the risks of blue-green algae, Shearwater already contains at least one invasive species – Signal Crayfish – whose eggs can be spread by unwashed boats.