Topper / Comet Open 2012 Results

Shearwater Topper / Comet Open was held on 14th April 2012. In mostly light winds but with an unseasonal bite 14 Toppers and 9 Comets took to the water.

 After 3 close fought races the final results were:

Toppers                                                Comets

1st – Maddie Sinclair                               1st – Ian Stone (Comet 152)

2nd – Sophie Ellis                                    2nd – Benjamin Palmer (Comet 597)

3rd – Fraser Jones                                   3rd – Chris Robinson Comet (867)

Additional Photos will be in the Gallery soon.


Race Results 2011

Some of the 2011 race results.

Here are the some of the 2011 results:

Spring Pursuit                     Single Handed                        Double handed

1st Leon Ward                             1st Jack Langley                              1st Chris Barlow

2nd Colin Metcalfe                       2nd Bill Lynn                                   2nd Martyn Stubbs

3rd Chris Mulholland                    —————-                                 3rd Peter Sneyd


Spring Points                       Founders trophy                     Bristol Goblet

1st Chris Mulholland                   1st Nic Cross                                   1st Jack Langley

2nd Jon Rawson                           2nd Jon Rawson                               2nd Chris Mulholland

3rd Peter Sneyd                             ——————                              3rd Nick Anderson


Summer Pursuit                   Humble trophy                     Tuesday evening(A)

1st Chris Mulholland                1st Nic Cross and Peter Sneyd             1st Nick Anderson

2nd Jack Langley                      2nd Jeremy Naylor and Sally Weale     2nd Kay Devereux

3rd Nic Cross                            3rd Martyn Stubbs and George Hill     3rd Peter Barnes


Summer Points                                                                  Tuesday evening(B)

1st Jack Langley                                                                                     1st Nick Anderson

2nd Chris Mulholland                                                                             2nd Geoff Pell

3rd Jon Rawson                                                                                      3rd Julian Bunce


Ladies trophy

1st Sally Weale

2nd Margaret Pell

3rd Ching Kilby


Veterans trophy

1stGeoff Pell

2nd Jon Rawson

3rd Paul Athay


Novices trophy

1st Peter Sneyd

2nd Tony Billett

3rd Claire Moreton

The race sheets for all the above events can be found in the yellow file “Race results” which is kept in the cupboard in the galley. If you have any queries please ask me. I’m around most Sundays cadging a lift in someone’s boat.

Colin Newton

Sailing Results 2010

These are the final results for 2010

Annual Pursuit

1st      Geoff Pell

2nd      Jack Langley

3rd      Frazer Jones

Spring Pursuit

1st      Martyn Stubbs

2nd     Frazer Jones



Summer Pursuit

1st     Jack Langley

2nd    Rob Kilby

3rd     Colin Metcalfe

Autumn Pursuit

 1st     Jack Langley

2nd    Chris Mulholland

3rd       Peter Sneyd

Ladies’ Day Trophy

 1st     No takers



Veterans’ Trophy

1st     Geoff Pell

2nd     Chris Mulholland

3rd     Nic Cross

RNLI Trophy

 1st       Jack Langley

2nd      Richard Fear

3rd       Chris Mulholland


Annual Points

1st         Jack Langley

2nd     Jeremy Naylor

3rd      Mike Jones

Spring Points

1st     Mike Jones

2nd    Geoff Pell

3rd     Martyn Stubbs

 Summer Points

1st      Jack Langley

2nd     Rob Kilby

3rd     Peter Sneyd

Autumn Points

 1st      Jack Langley

2nd     Chris Mulholland

3rd       Peter Barnes

Single Handed Trophy

 1st     Giles Penfold

2nd     Jon Rawson

3rd     Jeremy Naylor

Double Handed Trophy

 1st     Rob Kilby

2nd     Chris Barlow

3rd     Martin Stubbs

Bristol Goblet

 1st     Jack Langley

2nd     Catherine Mulholland

3rd     Richard Fear