Racing is the prime activity of the club and it’s members, with encouragement and assistance is always available to those wishing to just sail or join in the race programme. Novice and junior members are especially welcome and encouraged.
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A wide variety of dinghy class are sailed. The most popular double handed being Enterprise,  Merlin Rocket, Albacore, YW Dayboat, GP14, Mirror and Lark. Single handers include Laser, Comet, Topper and Solo. Only ‘mono hulls’ may be sailed and no boat over 16ft is permitted.
A club lease condition with Longleat denotes windsurfers, canoes, rowing or power craft are not permitted within the club, dinghy park or on the lake, and swimming is totally banned – except during a dinghy capsize!

A full and varied racing programme is organized from March to November – mostly on Sundays when usually there are three races, with each series, individual day or weekend race event having an appropriate cup or trophy. With a varied fleet of dinghies the race schedule is mainly a split of handicap and pursuit races, with personal handicaps earned as appropriate.

During the mid summer weeks a Tuesday evening series is held – popular especially for members new to the club and/or racing – afterwards finding the local pub an ideal place to debrief and discuss lake/race tactics, boat tweaking, etc
Members are advised that when there is no rescue cover available there should always be a responsible person who is able to raise the alarm in the event of an accident or injury.  Therefore “lone sailing” is not recommended but is down to individual members discretion.

Members are responsible for their own safety at all times.