The club is currently closed due to the government lockdown and Longleat estate have closed off and blocked all vehicle access to the clubhouse, dinghy park and lakeside.
Activities will resume when restrictions are lifted.


So with this lovely ‘Spring like’ weather it is that time of year I start to nag everyone for their time to do duties OOD or Safety Boat.

We have divided the year up into three monthly periods.

This means that everyone must do at least one of the duties in this time period.

At present there is no Safety boat crew for the first day of sailing and no OOD for the second weekend sailing.

I hope these can be filled, as this isn’t looking good for the rest of the season if I have to start nagging the first weekend.

Please email me with your dates asap and if anyone can fill the above positions I would be very grateful

Many thanks see you out on the water


Membership Renewal

Membership renewal forms are now available here 
Renewing members have the bonus of a club discount for loss of sailing last season.
Also please note that the sailing licence is now purchased with club membership and there is no need to post forms to the estate.

So no excuses, get the pen out and re-join!

Working Parties

Working parties will be held on Saturday 16 February and Sunday 24 February.  Start at 10am.
This year there is minimal outside work to be done so we need you to bring your marigolds rather than your gardening tools!
Come and spruce up your club for the new season and resumption of sailing on March 3rd.
Members are also reminded that boats should not be returned to the dinghy park before March 1st.