Duty List by Member

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Eddie Abbott
Will Abbott
Chris Barlow09/04/2017Rescue Boat
Chris Barlow23/07/2017Rescue Boat
Chris Barlow06/08/2017Rescue Boat
Chris Barlow22/10/2017Officer Of The Day
Lois Barlow09/04/2017Officer Of The Day
Lois Barlow23/07/2017Officer Of The Day
Lois Barlow06/08/2017Officer Of The Day
Lois Barlow22/10/2017Rescue Boat
Patricio Bell
Colin Blewett
Elaine Caddy
Marek Caddy07/05/2017Rescue Boat
Clive Chapman16/04/2017Assistant OOD 1
Clive Chapman28/05/2017Rescue Boat
Clive Chapman24/09/2017Rescue Boat
Clive Chapman29/10/2017Rescue Boat
Laurence Mark Cockburn
Ray Collier
The Committee05/03/2017Rescue Boat
The Committee05/03/2017Assistant OOD 1
The Committee05/03/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee25/04/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee02/05/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee09/05/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee14/05/2017
The Committee16/05/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee23/05/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee30/05/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee06/06/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee13/06/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee20/06/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee27/06/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee04/07/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee11/07/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee18/07/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee25/07/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee01/08/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee08/08/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee15/08/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee22/08/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee29/08/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee05/09/2017Officer Of The Day
The Committee26/11/2017Rescue Boat
The Committee26/11/2017Officer Of The Day
Andrew Cooper
Anne Coppard03/09/2017Assistant OOD 1
Richard Coppard
Nic Cross08/04/2017Officer Of The Day
Nic Cross18/06/2017Officer Of The Day
Nic Cross09/09/2017Officer Of The Day
Nic Cross10/09/2017Officer Of The Day
Nic Cross01/10/2017Rescue Boat
Hannah Dalton
Kaye Devereux
Roger Devereux
Michael Dickins02/04/2017Rescue Boat
Michael Dickins28/05/2017Officer Of The Day
Michael Dickins04/06/2017Rescue Boat
Michael Dickins11/06/2017Rescue Boat
Michael Dickins02/07/2017Rescue Boat
Michael Dickins03/09/2017Rescue Boat
Edward Fraser
Mark Fryer
Chris Gamage
Martin Gamage16/07/2017Assistant OOD 1
Martin Gamage08/10/2017Officer Of The Day
Alex Garrett-Peel09/07/2017Rescue Boat
Alex Garrett-Peel20/08/2017Rescue Boat
Alex Garrett-Peel10/09/2017Rescue Boat
Alex Garrett-Peel01/10/2017Assistant OOD 1
Alex Garrett-Peel05/11/2017Assistant OOD 1
Anthony Goddard
David Guy26/03/2017Assistant OOD 1
David Guy12/11/2017Assistant OOD 1
Phil Harding
Peter Harris
Alice Helliar
David Helliar
Allen Henning
Karyn Henning
Frances Hill
Stephen Hill
Ian Humphrey21/05/2017Assistant OOD 1
Ian Humphrey09/07/2017Assistant OOD 1
Janet Jones
Mike Jones21/05/2017Rescue Boat
Mike Jones08/10/2017Rescue Boat
Pat Jones12/03/2017Officer Of The Day
Pat Jones19/11/2017Officer Of The Day
Jack Langley02/04/2017Officer Of The Day
Jack Langley11/06/2017Officer Of The Day
Jack Langley30/07/2017Rescue Boat
Jack Langley15/10/2017Officer Of The Day
Sandy Lavelle12/03/2017Rescue Boat
Sandy Lavelle19/11/2017Rescue Boat
Andrew Linegar
Joanne Linegar
Bill Lynn09/04/2017Assistant OOD 1
Bill Lynn23/04/2017Assistant OOD 1
Fran McCloskey19/03/2017Rescue Boat
Fran McCloskey26/03/2017Rescue Boat
Fran McCloskey19/11/2017Assistant OOD 1
Peter McErlain06/08/2017Assistant OOD 1
Anna Mercer
Jonathan Mercer
Colin Metcalfe26/03/2017Officer Of The Day
Colin Metcalfe07/05/2017Officer Of The Day
Colin Metcalfe16/07/2017Officer Of The Day
Colin Metcalfe29/10/2017Officer Of The Day
Catherine Mulholland
Chris Mulholland08/04/2017Rescue Boat
Chris Mulholland09/09/2017Rescue Boat
Jeremy Naylor
Colin Newton
Roger Oliva-Knight12/03/2017Assistant OOD 1
Roger Oliva-Knight02/04/2017Assistant OOD 1
Roger Oliva-Knight13/08/2017Assistant OOD 1
Geoff Pell19/03/2017Assistant OOD 1
Geoff Pell16/04/2017Rescue Boat
Geoff Pell12/11/2017Officer Of The Day
Margaret Pell19/03/2017Officer Of The Day
Margaret Pell08/04/2017Assistant OOD 1
Margaret Pell16/04/2017Officer Of The Day
Margaret Pell09/09/2017Assistant OOD 1
Margaret Pell12/11/2017Rescue Boat
Tim Pigula02/07/2017Officer Of The Day
Tim Pigula30/07/2017Officer Of The Day
Becky Pigula Clamp30/07/2017Assistant OOD 1
Robin Price
John Putt23/04/2017Officer Of The Day
John Putt01/10/2017Officer Of The Day
Jon Rawson30/04/2017Officer Of The Day
Jon Rawson09/07/2017Officer Of The Day
Jon Rawson05/11/2017Officer Of The Day
Susan Rowley
Tom Rowley
Juley Simmonds23/04/2017Rescue Boat
Juley Simmonds17/09/2017Rescue Boat
Juley Simmonds15/10/2017Rescue Boat
Linda Smith
Mark Smith07/05/2017Assistant OOD 1
Mark Smith29/10/2017Assistant OOD 1
Peter Sneyd30/04/2017Assistant OOD 1
Peter Sneyd02/07/2017Assistant OOD 1
Peter Sneyd23/07/2017Assistant OOD 1
Peter Sneyd24/09/2017Assistant OOD 1
Peter Sneyd22/10/2017Assistant OOD 1
Alex Spooner
John Tracey30/04/2017Rescue Boat
John Tracey28/05/2017Assistant OOD 1
John Tracey25/06/2017Officer Of The Day
James Welbourn18/06/2017Rescue Boat
Mark Welbourn
Olly Welbourn
Tessa Welbourn18/06/2017Assistant OOD 1
Kevin Wheeler21/05/2017Officer Of The Day
Kevin Wheeler11/06/2017Assistant OOD 1
Kevin Wheeler08/10/2017Assistant OOD 1
Sharon Wheeler25/06/2017Assistant OOD 1
Sharon Wheeler20/08/2017Assistant OOD 1
Sharon Wheeler17/09/2017Assistant OOD 1
Lara Williams
Rob Williams
Sekona Williams
Stuart Williams15/10/2017Assistant OOD 1