Duties for 2017

Happy New Year to you all.
Please could you all look at your calendars and book up at least two duties if not three for the coming season. You all have until the end of February.
After this the duties will be allocated by me as needed on the rota. Also, bare in mind that during the summer we have racing on Tuesday evenings from May to Sept and family days on the lake Saturdays during July and August. Although this is usually covered by the committee it would be good to have some volunteers to help out to relieve some of the responsibility.
If we don’t cover all the duties required, then we can’t race or will have to cancel activities, or some very kind members have sacrificed their race time to man the rescue boat and race box.
Lets work together on this and I wish you fun and good racing this this season.
Juley Simmonds
Duties Officer